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Artist Statement:

Using a combination of digital media, photography, and organic materials, my focus is on how memory and history are preserved, salvaged, and revived.

Dany Pen

Born 1986, Canada


2015 --     Walden University, Clinical Psychology, Master of Science Degree, U.S.A

2010         Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD), Bachelors of Fine Art Degree, Canada 


2011             Harvard Graduate School of Education, Artful Thinking Project Zero, Certificate

2011             The Hanen Centre | Speech and Language Development for Children, Early Childhood Education, Language & Social Development: 

                      LLLI Certificate

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2016           Dany Pen: World Builder, Daniel Spectrum: ArtScape Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014           Advocacy, Art Walk, St, George’s, Bermuda

2010          Deja Vu 1965, Society of Arts, Bermuda

2010          Intangible, XPACE Gallery (in conjunction with Toronto, CONTACT Photography Festival), Toronto, Canada

2010          Preservation and Erasures, Board Of Directors, Toronto, Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018          (CURRENT) 2018 International Biennial of Contemporary Arts 

2016          International Biennial of Contemporary Arts: Selected by Valerie Cassel Oliver (Senior Curator at the Contemporary Arts Museum, 

                   Houston), and Holly Bynoe (Chief Curator at the National Art Gallery of Bahamas and Executive Director of ARC Magazine), 


2015          Charman exhibition, Museum of Masterworks, Bermuda

2015          Self-Portraits, Charman Prize Winners: 2014 exhibition, The Museum of Masterworks

2015          Pursuing Justice Through Art, Whistler Museum of Art, Massachusetts, U.S.A

2015          Photographic exhibition, Society of Arts, Bermuda

2014         International Biennial of Contemporary Art: Selected by Isolde Brielmaier (New York based curator, write and program consultant, 

                  as well as Visiting Professor, Tisch School of the Arts at NYU) and Amanda Coulson (Executive Director at the National Gallery of 

                  Bahamas; curator, art critic and co-founder of the VOLTA art fairs in Basel and New York), Bermuda

2013          Charman exhibition, Museum of Masterworks, Bermuda

2013          I For an I, BARU Arts Collective Exhibition, BC Gallery, Bermuda

2013          IWC Photography Exhibition, Ace Gallery, Bermuda

2013          Photographic Show, Society of Arts, Bermuda

2012          Art Walk in the East, Polaris Gallery, Bermuda

2012          Mustard Seed, St. Paul AME Gallery, Bermuda

2012         International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art: Selected by Naomi Beckwith (Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art 

                   in Chicago), and Christopher Cozier (Curator, artist, writer based in Trinidad & Tobago), Bermuda

2012          PEEL, ChewStick Foundation, Bermuda

2011          Fetish, Terceira Quarterly Gallery, Bermuda

2011          Males Academically Disengaged, BC Gallery, Bermuda

2011          Not Your Nana's Artshow, Rock Island Gallery, Bermuda

2011          Last Minute Art Show, Society of Arts, Bermuda

2011          You’d Be Home By Now, Brooklyn Art Library, New York

2010         Art For Africa, SHAMBA Foundation, Toronto, Canada

2010         OCAD GradEx exhibition, Ontario College of Art & Design, Canada

2009         Preserving a Lost and Fantastic Universe of Infinite Odysseys, Switch Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2008          Art Attack, Bleeker Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2008         Apsara, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Canada

2006         Global Village, Transit Space Gallery, Toronto, Canada

200           Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, Distillery District: The Cellar, Canada

Awards and Grants:

2016         World Builder Award, Alumni of Influence Recipient, OCAD University, Canada

2014         Source of Inspiration award, Charman Prize, Musuem of Masterworks, Bermuda

2014        Cumming Zuill Grant, National Art Education Association of America Convention

2012        Arts Council Grant for International Biennial Installation, Bermuda

2010       Faculty Award, Ontario College of Art & Design, Canada

2010       Recognition Award, Ontario College of Art & Design, Canada

2008      OCAD Arts Council Grant, Canada

2007      Masquerade Award, Toronto Art Fashion Week, Canada

2006      City of Toronto Philanthropic Award, Canada

2005      June Callwood Award, Toronto, Canada

2005      Beland Honderich Award, University of Toronto, Canada

Lectures, Publications, Catalogues & Press:

2017        ThinkFest featuring Dany Pen: "Mental Health of Cambodian Survivors After the Khmer Rouge Genocide, Enslavement, and   

                 Imprisonment: The Ethics of the Cambodian Language Translated in Psychology." 

2017        Preserving Culture, Diversity Symposium featuring Artist/Activist Dany Pen, Somersfield Academy (lecture)     

2017        Art Advocacy and Diversity featuring Artist Dany Pen, Prospect, Bermuda (lecture)

2016        Human Rights Commissioner Dany Pen Wins Prestigious Award in Canada, Today in Bermuda (press)

2016        Activist honored with Award, Royal Gazette newspaper (press)

2016        Artist Talk Featuring Biennial Artist Dany Pen, Bermuda National Gallery (lecture)

2016       Where are the Women Artists?, ARC Magazine Contemporary Caribbean Visual Arts & Culture, Barbados; Bahamas; Trinidad & Tobago                 (publication)

2016        World Builder: Dany Pen, INSTUDIO Films Production (film)

2016        Biennial Artists, Today in Bermuda (publication)

2016        International 2016 Biennial of Contemporary Arts (catalogue)

2016       Artists explore theme aplomb, Royal Gazette Newspaper (press)

2015       Dany Pen: Story-telling, Bermuda College (lecture)

2015       Meet artist Dany Pen, Somersfield Academy, Bermuda (lecture)

2015       Dany Pen: Art helps to tell story of Cambodian Genocide, Royal Gazette Newspaper (press)

2014        International 2014 Biennial of Contemporary Arts (catalogue)

2014        Advocacy: Dany Pen, CTV Film Productions (film)

2014        Dany Pen: Art Advocacy, Bermuda College (lecture)

2014         Panel Discussion Featuring Artist Dany Pen: Can Artwork Encourage Discussions on Social Issues?, National Gallery, Bermuda 


2013          Art & Outreach with Artist & Educator Dany Pen, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada (lecture)

2013          A Mask on Top of a Mask, Royal Gazette newspaper (press)

2013          Masterworks Museum Charman Catalogue (publication)

2013          International Biennial Artist, Ether Magazine, France (publication)

2012          ARC Magazine: Contemporary Caribbean Visual Art & Culture (Publication)

2012          Art of Music, Bermuda Sun Newspaper (press)

2012          Artist of the Month: Dany Pen, This Week: Arts & Entertainment Magazine (Press)

2012           International 2012 Biennial of Contemporary Arts (catalogue)

2012           Dany Pen, Kulcha Magazine, Bermuda (publication)

2012           Arts Collective, Futureale Arts/Culture/ & Entertainment Magazine, Canada (publication)

2011           Dany Pen: You’d Be Home by Now, New York Brooklyn Art Library (catalogue)

2011           Dany Pen: Preservations, XPACE Cultural Centre, Canada (anthology)

2010           Cambodian Genocide, Royal Gazette Newspaper Publication, (publication)

2007          Untitled, Sketch Magazine (publication)

Website: http://www.Danypen.webs.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DanyPenartist

Twitter: @ArtistDany_Pen